Cockatiel parrots for sale in London

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Hand raised cockatiel both Available.
Hand raised cockatiel both Available. Children are often fascinated with birds, and those that are usually don't waste much time requesting to have one as ... Favorites London 2 days ago Free
Selling my pair of cockatiel's
Selling my pair of cockatiel's Hello there, im selling my pair of cockatiel's. They must stay together because there bonded. They love to play in th... Favorites London 2014-01-30 $150
Handfed Cockatiels
Handfed Cockatiels Hi We have pulled 3 cockatiels one for sure is pied other two are looking to be cinnamons. White faced pied $125 ... Favorites London 2014-01-29
Wanted: WANTED FEMALE COCKATIEL WANTED FEMALE COCKATIEL prefer 1 - 2 years of age, but will consider other ages forward age / asking price and a photo Favorites London 2014-01-28
Handfeeding cockatiels
Handfeeding cockatiels Hi We have pulled 3 white faced cockatiels one for sure is pied other two are looking to be pearls, will know for su... Favorites London 2014-01-25
Young Pair of Cockatiels
Young Pair of Cockatiels I have a pair of young cockatiels for sale with their cage and food/water bowls. They enjoy playing around on their t... Favorites London 2014-01-25 $125
Handfeeding Conures, pineapple and pineappleturquoise mutations
Handfeeding Conures, pineapple and pineappleturquoise mutations Hi We have 5 baby conures that we are handfeeding. We have: 2 Pineapple females $350 each 1 Pineapple male $400 l... Favorites London 2014-01-23
Pair of Cockatiels
Pair of Cockatiels This cockatiel pair are very unique and looking for a home that has experience with cockatiels. Mickey is a beautiful... Favorites London 2014-01-22 $80
Wanted: Looking for a female pinapple or yellow sided conure Just like it says on the title. Im looking for a tame and DNA one. Getting out of cockatiel's. I live in London if de... Favorites London 2014-01-16
Wanted: Looking for flight cage for small birds I am looking for a flight cage as in enough room from side to side for the birds to fly back and forth . Big enough t... Favorites London 2014-01-15
BABY COCKATIELS 9 weeks old, HANDFED, Very tame. Please email for details and contact number. Favorites London 2014-01-14 $100
Cockatiel breeder pair
Cockatiel breeder pair 3 year old pair, proven breeders. Picture 1 is the female Picture 2 is the male $100 or best reasonable offer for t... Favorites London 2014-01-12 $100
Breeder pair Cockatiels
Breeder pair Cockatiels 3 year old breeder pair, female is picture 1 male is picture 2. $100 or best reasonable offer, no cage. Breeder pai... Favorites London 2014-01-11 $100
Tips on breeding cockatiel's Any tips on breeding cockatiel's and when is there breeding season? Thanks for reading and any tips will help im just... Favorites London 2014-01-11
Cockatiel(s) 2 available as pictured, picture 1 4 months old picture 2 just over 1 year old. Parent raised not hand tame gender u... Favorites London 2014-01-11 $30
Beautiful Male Cockatiel This cockatiel loves to come out and fly, and go for showers. He is very entertaining and can imitate various car sir... Favorites London 2014-01-11 $30
2 cockatiels male+female
2 cockatiels male+female Not hand tamed Can be hand fed Comes with cage Had only for about 3months Favorites London 2014-01-07 $150
Cockatiels 2 pairs available, $100 per pair without cage or $300 for both pairs including large floor type flight cage. Actual b... Favorites London 2014-01-05 $100
Grey Cockatiel Bird I am selling my bird because I am having allergies with him. He is tame and knows "up" command. He comes with cage, s... Favorites London 2014-01-04 $75