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Cockatiel(s) 2 available as pictured, picture 1 4 months old picture 2 just over 1 year old. Parent raised not hand tame gender u... Favorites London 2014-01-11 $30
Beautiful Male Cockatiel This cockatiel loves to come out and fly, and go for showers. He is very entertaining and can imitate various car sir... Favorites London 2014-01-11 $30
beautiful budgies with large cage
beautiful budgies with large cage Very sad to re-home our pair of budgies. The blue one is a female, and the green one is a male. They are about 4 mont... Favorites London 2014-01-10 $150
Wanted: MALE CONGO GREY hi i am looking for a male congo grey with cagei have 900 cash and can pick him upmust b 5 yrs or youngerty Favorites London 2014-01-09 $900
HAND FED AND TAMED COCKTAILS Male and Female -comes with CAGE FOOD i have a male and female cocktail ages, 7 and 9 months they are very friendly they sing and ... Favorites London 2014-01-09 $350
Wanted: Looking to Adopt a Bird I would prefer a "semi-smart" breed , I would like a baby bird and will pay up to 100$ send me info and pictures thanks Favorites London 2014-01-08
2 Green Cheek conure pairs
2 Green Cheek conure pairs These pairs are bonded but have not produced babies yet, also not DNA'd Pair 1-normal gcc and yellow side Pair 2- n... Favorites London 2014-01-07 $350
Blue Quaker- Male This Blue quaker is believed to be a male although not dna'd. Talking a bit. NOT tame  Can deliver No cages No phone... Favorites London 2014-01-07 $350
Senegal-male male Senegal for sale excellent health and feather good vocabulary hand tame ASKING $500 with cage400 without cage Favorites London 2014-01-07
2 cockatiels male+female
2 cockatiels male+female Not hand tamed Can be hand fed Comes with cage Had only for about 3months Favorites London 2014-01-07 $150
Great condition bird cage Selling because we have no use for it anymore. It comes with 3 dowels, two bowls, and the cage itself. It's in great ... Favorites London 2014-01-07 $45
Quaker parrot 16 months with cage
Quaker parrot 16 months with cage I am selling my mother's Quaker Parrot. This bird requires a lot of attention that she isn't able to provide. Diego i... Favorites London 2014-01-07 $350
Large Parrot / Bird / Amazon Wrought Iron Cage with Stand Large Parrot Bird Wrought Iron Cage with Stand Paid over $600, I am just asking for $280, email me if interested Rea... Favorites London 2014-01-07 $280
BIRD FOOD. MUST GO! I am selling these items in packages not separate. Packages and prices are listed below. 1_ Roudybush Maintenance Mi... Favorites London 2014-01-06
Cockatiels 2 pairs available, $100 per pair without cage or $300 for both pairs including large floor type flight cage. Actual b... Favorites London 2014-01-05 $100
Lovebird(s) 7 birds available. 3 - young less than a year old 1 - 2 year old breeding pair 1 - 3 year old breeding pair $25 per... Favorites London 2014-01-05 $25
Rosey Bourke proven breeder pairs
Rosey Bourke proven breeder pairs Birds 2-3 years of age, $125 per pair including breeder style cage or $225 for both pair and 2 breeder style cages. Favorites London 2014-01-05 $125
Kakariki(s) Young healthy birds, nice feather and colouring. 10 weeks old. Actual birds pictured, not hand tame. $90 per bird wi... Favorites London 2014-01-04 $90
Grey Cockatiel Bird I am selling my bird because I am having allergies with him. He is tame and knows "up" command. He comes with cage, s... Favorites London 2014-01-04 $75
Quail I have bobwhite quail for sale. They are healthy and happy birds. I have adult birds, chicks and middle age birds. Th... Favorites London 2014-01-03 $5