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Posted: 2014-01-30


BREEDING PAIR OF INDIAN RINGNECKS: Female: Violet Pallid 1 yr old Male:     Turquoise split Ino  1 yr old   This pair will produce: Violet Pallidino, violet turquoise pallidino, blue pallidinoall of these will be male.                                   Blue, violet, violet turquoise, albino, craminoall of these will be female. This pair is very bonded and have been together since weanilings.   NOT TAME, THEY ARE BREEDERS   SINGLE FEMALE INDIAN RINGNECK: Blue -has 2 siblings that are violet.                                                                     1 yr old SHE IS A BREEDER, BUT COULD POSSIBLY BE TAMED IN TIME.   ALL CAGES, FOOD, DISHES, EVERYTHING I HAVE THERE ARE MANY CAGES ALL OF VARIOUS SIZES. BROODER, FORMULA, TOYS, ACCESSORIES. EVERYTHING!   ASKING: $2500 OBO Pictures available for serious inquiries only.