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Brett Gill We use to hang out back in the day.  What are you up too?  It's me Mike we use to bike the trails! Favorites London 2014-01-29
girls needed at mt.salem christain school hey ladies, need a boyfriend? (yes) well then head over to mt.salem christain school where you'll get one for sure15:... Favorites London 2014-01-29
Barry Mahon Looking to connect with Barry Mahon. If anyone knows him please respond to my ad. Thanks Favorites London 2014-01-28
Mother Was wondering if anybody in Woodstock new a Ann Elizabeth Countier she still lives in Woodstock and is remarried Favorites London 2014-01-28
Margaret Bell We were friends and Stratford - I went off to University We met once in the 90s and since then I have often wondered ... Favorites London 2014-01-25
Can any one help me find my old pal,Cody (Amy miller) Late 30s female Greek, fitness,skateboarding used to go to good life gym a lot on Adelaide st owned a pitbul named"dog"? Favorites London 2014-01-22
Old neighbours Wanting to say hi to neighbours we had 20 years ago. Hoping Dave, Chris or Gary see this. Queens and Adelaide Favorites London 2014-01-21
JOHN HORTON We met at J.R.'s in 1984 on my birthday and dated for awhile. I lived in Hamilton if you remember, drop me an email.... Favorites London 2014-01-21
Reunite brother and sister lost for 60 years Im looking for Doris Kruger daughter of Phylis Kruger from Bancroft Ontario.Last known married name was Meier . This ... Favorites London 2014-01-16
Joe Holmes Looking for Joe from Lasalle Ontario want to see how u r doing.If anybody knows him plz contact me ty Favorites London 2014-01-09
Joe Holmes Looking for Joe Holmes formerly from LaSalle Ontario.Would like to see how you r doing .If you know him plz let him k... Favorites London 2014-01-09
London, Do you know Her? Hello, is this you? Or do you know who this is? If you know who she is, can you tell her I'm looking for her. Thank ... Favorites London 2014-01-08
Kevin you were the one! We ended so long ago. I still think of you and wish you were here. I have moved on in my life, but I always wonder wh... Favorites London 2014-01-07
Free Marriage Support Are you Having some marriage issues?   Do you feel lost in your marriage?   Are you having negative thoughts about yo... Favorites London 2014-01-03